Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Traditional Japanese Breakfast at Kinugawa Onsen

Enjoying our final morning at Kinugawa Kanaya Onsen, we put on our yukata summer cotton kimonos and sat at the Japanese-style dining table in our room as Saiko served us another wonderful breakfast of seasonal fruit and local produce from the Nikko area, which consisted of a beautiful and healthy combination of grilled fish, eggs, miso soup, rice, and other small delectable side dishes. With each dish of the traditional Japanese breakfast deliciously prepared and artfully presented, we were reluctant to leave our oasis of calm overlooking the lovely Kinugawa Valley for the hustle bustle of Tokyo, but with many exciting adventures yet to come, we bid a heartfelt sayonara to Saiko and boarded the shinkansen bullet train from Nikko to Tokyo, admiring the lush green rice fields and spectacular scenery as we sped along the high speed rails to Tokyo Station.

Fruit bowl with Japanese Aomori apple, Kyoho grape and nashi "apple-pear"

Silky smooth loose tofu garnished with ginger green onion and shallot

Bonito flakes, soy sauce, scallions and grated ginger condiments for the tofu

Purple carrot, burdock root and daikon pickle

Ohitashi with shiitake mushroom and komatsuna whig are native Japanese mustard greens,
dressed lightly in dashi, soy and mirin, and garnished with bonito flakes

Light and refreshing okra salad, dressed with soy sauce and dried bonito flakes

Tuna roll with daikon

Locally grown raw vegetable crudités

Japanese walnut and miso dip for the crudités

Lovely miso soup bowl

Miso Soup with sliced negi, which is Japanese green onion

Grilled Vegetables with Chicken with mizuna, Japanese spider mustard greens

Japanese steamed white rice

Kanpachi with tamagoyaki with minced daikon and pickled young ginger sprout 

We bid a fond farewell to our Japanese slippers that we wore in the onsen
as we leave for Tokyo after two wonderful days in Kinugawa Kanaya Onsen

A gorgeous arrangement of flowers in the lobby

Our dapper Shinkansen driver for the Nikko to Tokyo trip

View of the Takahara mountain range and rice fields as we travel by the bullet train 
from Nikko to Tokyo

And back at the Peninsula in Tokyo

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