Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Martínez: Sun, Sea and Sensational Seafood

Perched on the slopes of Montjuïc Hill, with spectacular views of the Barcelona coastline and sparking Mediterranean sea, Martinez serves some of the best fish and seafood in the city. With a sunny outdoor terrazzo and elegant indoor dining room offering a sensational menu, friendly, professional staff and waiters dressed in formal white jackets, Martinez is a multifaceted jewel just a short walk from the fabulous Fundació Joan Miró. Making reservations a month before arriving in Barcelona, we were escorted to table No.7, the restaurant's special table for two that faces the sea. Owner José Parrado, who opened Barcelona's famous Bar Cañete in 2010, opened Martínez in 2014, with a menu based on "rice, charcoal and the sea". Although known for its dazzling seafood, the specialty of Martínez is its rice dishes and paellas, using seven different types of rice, including the famous Cañete and Marisma rice from Cal Negret. From the land, chargrilled ribeye, pork fillet, beef sirloin, and veal sweetbreads command the attention of meat enthusiasts, and from the sea, lobster, monkfish, tuna, sole, grouper, dover sole, anchovies, razor clams, oysters, clams and local seasonal delicacies are enough to make seafood lovers swoon with delight. With the sun, the sea and sensational seafood, Barcelona is a food lover's paradise. 

A glorious selection of fresh fish and seafood and stately leg of Jamón clamped tight with a jamonera, are the first tantalizing sights that greet diners as they enter Martinez

Fresh fish, oysters, razor clams, and Barcelona's prized red prawns stay fresh on a bed of ice

The special area of Martinez are the balconies, where tables are set with fine linens and modern stemware, and designed for smaller groups up to 6 people

Seated at Martinez's prime table No. 7, we enjoyed a glass or two of 2012 Montsant Gran Reserva Cava

A bowl of lovely plump Spanish olives

Seated at our corner table for two with views over the harbour and Barcelona coastline,
it was the perfect vista to enjoy Martinez's sensational seafood

The menu featured many typical Catalan and Spanish dishes including fabulous fresh fish, sensational seafood and their signature paellas

With it's motto 'Arroz, Brasa y Mar' - rice, coal and the sea - Martinez is known for it's paella, 
grilled meats and dazzling seafood

Coca Mossèn Cinto de Folgueroles with tomato

The sommelier presenting our bottle of 2015 Nicolas Tricó Albariño

Set in a chilled wine bucket, the Albarino was the perfect match to our lovely lunch

Owner Josep Maria Parrado and Chef Josep Maria Masó

Fresh Santoña Anchovies 

Carpaccio de Gamba Roja

The fried heads, claws and legs of the large prawns were served as a frittura - an unexpected addition to the carpaccio and absolutely delicious

Sweet and delicate, the Prawn Carpaccio was garnished with lemon zest, olive oil, 
dollops of lemon creme fraiche and micro greens

Catalan Cuttlefish with Poached Egg

One of the special dishes featured at Martinez was this unusual dish of baby cuttlefish braised in its own ink and served with a poached egg 

Our server arriving with Grilled Dover Sole to be served at the table

One whole grilled 2-pound Dover Sole

Carefully filleting the fish for bones and skin, 
Dover Sole was one of the special fish featured on the days menu 

Perfectly cooked, carefully filleted and served with sautéed vegetables, 
we managed to finish the entire fish

Absolutely delicious 

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