Thursday, June 23, 2016

Paolo's Pollo Giallo dell'Umbria: An Umbrian Feast

One of the true pleasures of renting a house or villa in Italy, are the golden opportunities to shop in local markets and being able to feast on the culinary rewards of cooking in the comfort of your own kitchen. Inspired by the healthy maize-fed yellow chickens that we saw throughout Umbria, we purchased a very handsome 'pollo giallo' that came complete with it's head and some feathers still attached. Thankfully not artificially plump like much commercially raised poultry, our 'yellow bird' was full of flavour, especially in the culinary hands of our chef de cuisine for the evening, our friend Paolo who was staying with us for a week at our wonderful villa in the Umbrian hills outside Piegaro. Roasted with a handful of small purple 'fiesole' artichokes and fresh potatoes from the farmer's market in Spello, Paolo served his Pollo Giallo with a rich pan sauce and presented the feast on my new 'fiori e uccelli' platter, a recent purchase from Orvieto. Uncorking a bottle of Arnaldo Caprai Grecante Grechetto, we raised our glasses to our superb meal and another glorious day in paradise.

Our Umbrian maize fed yellow chicken perfectly cooked

Served with tiny purple artichokes and roast potatoes, Paolo's Pollo Giallo was superb

Paul's rich and delicious pan sauce 

With some fragrant roses from the garden on the table, 
we sat down to enjoy Paolo's Pollo Giallo dell'Umbria 

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