Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Al Cuoco di Bordo: Senigallia Seafood on the Adriatic

One of the most popular seaside resorts on the Adriatic Coast with its thirteen kilometres of velvety white 'Spiaggia di Velluto', Senigallia enjoys a well-deserved reputation as a gourmet destination, home to two of the most famous seafood restaurants in Italy: Uliassi and Madonnina del Pescatore. Fishing boats bring in the finest seafood the Adriatic Sea has to offer throughout the day, to supply the large number of restaurants in town, including Al Cuoco di Bordo which has been serving outstanding frutti di mare from the Costa Marchigiana since 1995. Renowned for its seafood specialities, outstanding pesce crudo and spectacular pastas such as Tagliolini with Normandy Butter and Cantabrian Anchovies and Linguine with Sweet Sea Urchins, there is also a verbal menu of special dishes which are passionately described by the chef, one table at a time. Starting with a glass of Casa Gheller Prosecco and one of their raw fish antipasti, the impeccably fresh and fabulous Carpaccio di Ricciola ed olio agli agrumi, we followed with 'mezzo porzioni' of fresh pasta knowing that we would be indulging in 'secondi piatti' of grilled fish from the azure waters of Le Marche's Adriatic coast. Finishing with a dolce and two spoons, we shared a Pistachio Semifreddo with mandarin gelato and 'Bacio di Dama' hazelnut biscuits, a specialty from the Piedmont region of Italy which means 'Lady's Kisses', as they are paired together to resemble a kiss — Come amiamo l'Italia! 

Al Cuoco di Bordo specializes on local fish and seafood and antipasti of pesce crudo

Hot steaming focaccia, fresh from the oven with housemate grissini

Casa Gheller Prosecco Brut from the Veneto

Crisp, refreshing and the perfect apperitivo

Carpaccio di Ricciola ed olio agli agrumi - Amberjack Carpaccio with citrus oil

San Paolo Castelli di Jesi Verdicchio Riserva - elegant and delicious

Tagliolini con burro della Normandia e acciughe del Cantabrico - Tagliolini with Normandy butter and Cantabrian anchovies

Linguine "Verrigni" ai ricci di mare - Linguine "Verrigni" with sea urchins

Tagliata di pesce Spada al sesamo, tortino di patate ai porri e pomodorini al basilico - Sesame Coated Swordfish with potato purée with leeks, cherry tomatoes and basil

Trancio di ricciola ai ferri con verdure al forno - Grilled Amberjack with baked vegetables

Semifreddo al pistacchio con cremoso al mandarino e bacio di dama - Pistachio Semifreddo with Mandarin gelato and 'Bacio di Dama' hazelnut biscuit

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