Thursday, April 19, 2018

O'Pazo: The Finest Galician Seafood in Madrid

Often named among the best seafood restaurants in Spain, O’Pazo is owned by Evaristo Garcia, who also runs Pescaderías Coruñesas, a prestigious seafood supplier established in 1911 by King Alfonso XIII, that provides the restaurant and royal household with the freshest wild fish from the Galician coast each and every day. Opened in 1969, it was one of the first restaurants in Madrid to be awarded a Michelin star. The dining room is sleek and stylish, with a slate-gray palette, wood panelled alcoves and discrete lighting with elegant table settings with pressed white linens and refined wine glasses and tableware. Great legs of Iberian Jamón hang from the ceiling of O'Pazo's open kitchen, and the days’ catch of seafood and shellfish is displayed on crushed ice like an immense shrine to the sea, bursting with a selection of baby eels, river cockles, spider crabs, king prawns, lobster, scallops, langoustines, oysters, octopus, goose barnacles and more. With an unmatched reputation for offering the finest seafood in Madrid, the menu is impressive, specializing in traditional Galician dishes designed to bring out the natural lightness and delicate texture of the fish, such as Grilled Sole from the Cantabrian Sea for two, Zarzuela de Moriscos — a classic Spanish fish and seafood soup — and a marvellous selection of tartares and ceviche that are hand cut and served at the table. 

The ultra modern entrance foyer to the restaurant

Spectacular selection of fish and seafood on ice greets guests as they enter O'Pazo

The sleek and stylish interior of O'Pazo in Madrid

Offering the finest fish and seafood in Madrid, the menu is whimsically designed 
with a fish scale motif and subtle embossed O'Pazo logo

O'Pazo's custom smoked salmon from Pescaderías Coruñesas

Chilled pan-cooked river cockles served with tiny silver pins to pull out the succulent meat

O'Pazo Champagne Cocktail with Grand Marnier and brown sugar cube

Our server arriving with our wine selection

Pazo San Mauro Spanish white wine from Rías Baixas 

Our table side wine bucket with bottled water and our San Mauro white Rías Baixas 

An extraordinary pair of prawn shell scissors set on the table for my first course

Enormous King prawns from Sanlúcar, absolutely delicious and perfectly cooked;
weighing in at an impressive 400 grams, were also the most expensive appetizer I've ever ordered 

Santoña anchovies

Grilled Wild Tubot from the Galician estuaries and Asturias coast

Grilled Sole from the Cantabrian Sea, specifically the port of Avilés

Thin, warm and crispy potato chips custom fried to order

Green Salad with spring onions

Jerez sherry to enjoy with the cheese course

O'Pazo cheese board with assorted Spanish cheeses

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