Friday, April 13, 2018

Corral de la Morería: Flamenco Dinner in Madrid

Considered the "cathedral of flamenco," Corral de la Morería was founded by Manuel del Rey in 1956, and is the oldest and most famous tablao flamenco house in the world. Throughout its history, Corral de la Morería has witnessed the performance of some of the finest professionals of flamenco, artists such as El Güito, María Albaicín, La Chunga, Lucero Tena, Isabel Pantoja, Antonio Gades and Blanca del Rey. Although flamenco was created in Andalucía, Madrid features some of the best tablaos in Spain, a fine art that combines music and dance styles from Andalucía with a personal touch of the Romani people in Spain. Dating back to the 18th century, flamenco includes dance, zapateo or feet stamping, handclapping and singing. Arriving for dinner at Restaurante Tablao at Corral de la Morería, featuring the cuisine of chef David García and followed by an evening of passionate flamenco, we were seated at a lovely table near the stage, ensuring wonderful views of the featured artists. The spectacular room, with furniture and lamps from the 18th and 19th centuries, gives the restaurant a true Castilian ambiance, transporting each guest to a true “tablao” of the time.

Guitarist Antonio Sanchez and singer Antonio 'El Pola'

The utterly outstanding Jesús Fernández

Marcos Flores with guitarists Antonia Jiménez and Antonio Sanchez

Full of personality, Marcos Flores was marvelous to watch 

Powerful and enormously passionate, the combination of the dance, guitar and voice of the artists at Corral de la Moreira was extraordinarily moving and totally unforgettable

Chef David García

Candles on each of the tables

Ysabel de Madrigal Verdejo white Spanish wine

Ripe Tomato and Date Tartare, Raw and Roasted White Asparagus with 
Coconut Cold Garlic and Almond Soup

Wild Sea Bass with Creamy Stewed Spring Onions and Smoked Iberian Bacon, with Grapefruit Emulsion and Fried Capers

Rack of Pré-Salé Lamb with Pumpkin Purée and Rustic Potatoes

Caramelized French Toast made with fresh milk and served with Banana Ice Cream

The exterior of Corral de la Moreira at night as were leaving 

Almadena Cathedral at night viewed from outside Corral de la Moreira

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