Thursday, April 12, 2018

Café d'Oriente: Madrid's Belle Époque Gem

The outdoor tables of this distinguished old cafe are among the most sought-after in central Madrid, providing a front-row seat of the beautiful Plaza de Oriente, with lovely views of the neatly landscaped gardens of the Palacio Real as a backdrop. The building itself was once part of a 17th-century convent and the Baroque interior with hardwood mirror frames, brass lamps and plush velvet seating feels a little like a film set out of 'Mitteleuropa'. Created by Napoleon’s brother Joseph, the beautiful belle époque interior features statues of the country’s monarchs, and is the perfect place to sample delicious tapas and a glass of wine or beer while looking out onto the city’s most civilized square.

View overlooking the gardens and Royal Palace from Café d'Oriente on Plaza de Oriente

Statue of King Filipe IV stands in front of the palace

The charming Belle Epoque entrance to Café d'Oriente

Antique statues hold pots of ferns and fresh flowers

Glass of cold Spanish beer

Spanish Omelet tapas

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