Monday, May 23, 2011

Peter Island Resort & Spa

Peter Island is home to the Peter Island Resort & Spa, a five-star 1800-acre private island with private villas, two restaurants, five beaches and a fabulous spa and boutique. They also have an ice machine in their Marina, open to sailing guests, that sells tiny little perfect ice cubes! Since the only ice we usually get on the boat are great big bags of ice that look more like icebergs than cocktail ice for my gin and tonic, I bee-line for the Peter Island ice machine as soon as we moor up. Our second stop is Drake's Channel Lounge, the beautiful open-air bar at the Peter Island Resort, where they have the best burger I've ever tasted. 

Drake's Channel Lounge Gourmet Burger

Peter Island Mai Tai

Amidst cushioned chaises and soothing breezes, Drake’s Channel Lounge serves sumptuous cocktails and frozen drinks every day of the week. Resort favorites include the Landscape (a tri-colored concoction of Midori, mango and raspberry) and the Mango Smoothie (mango blended with ice cream, rum and coconut cream), but our favourites are their signature cocktails — the Peter Island Rum Punch and Mai Tai. Served with their delicious Angus Beef Peter Island Burger, you're set for the day! 

Deadman's Beach Bar & Grill

Deadman’s Beach Bar & Grill, Peter Island's casual beach-side restaurant, surrounded by sea grapes and palms, serves a tempting fusion of Caribbean and Continental flavors for both lunch and dinner. Specialties include wood-fired pizza, colorful buffets, signature sandwiches, and Peter Island’s delicious ribs. The vibe is hopping at Deadman’s Beach — a steel drum band sets the mood every Sunday afternoon and thrills guests with a repeat performance to spice up Wednesday nights at their beach-side Caribbean Buffet.

Tradewinds Restaurant

Tradewinds is Peter Island's main restaurant which features some of the Caribbean's finest cuisine. Under the watchful eye of Executive Chef Lisa Peters, Tradewinds offers sophisticated versions of West Indian dishes and updated Continental classics, taking full advantage of the abundance of seafood and fresh island produce available.

Chef Lisa Sellers

So what is the method behind Chef Sellers' acclaimed cooking style? "After 10 years cooking in the Caribbean I have found each island has their own local dishes," says Sellers. "I like to play on Caribbean food and ingredients while giving a modern twist, using the freshest ingredients and working with the kitchen brigade to put a special touch to each dish. I also like to make the food light, so you enjoy each course." We always look forward to stopping by Peter Island, just to soak up all the good food, friendly island service and slow life right down — in style — and with a bag of $15 mini ice cubes to go!

Tuna Tartare with Tobiko, Sesame Seeds, Shaved Scallions and Soya

Sautéed Scallops on Potato Purée with Fried Taro Root Slaw and Coconut Curry Sauce