Friday, May 20, 2011

The Indians: Best Scuba Diving in the BVIs

The Indians are a spectacular rock formation just off Norman Island, and offer some of the very best scuba diving in the British Virgin Islands. This unique rock formation looms out of the water from a depth of 10 to 50-feet and features a tunnel that divers can pass through to the other side. All dive sites are protected by the government as national parks, in an effort to protect the coral and preserve the sites for future generations, and sailing vessels must show special permits and use only existing mooring balls to tether up to — no dropping anchor in these areas! A popular destination for divers, it's imperative to get to The Indians bright and early to grab one of only 5 moorings on the site. But first things first — a solid breakfast is needed to get the metabolism going and have enough energy for the dive. Not fancy, but a very tasty Alegria Del Mar pre-dive breakfast by the Chef de Cuisine — me!

Alegria Del Mar scrambled eggs, bacon, toast and grilled tomato — magnifique!

Once we're suited up, we take our first of our trip. I love this dive site. The incredible bounty of brightly coloured reef fish, lavish coral formations and sponges at the Indians is just fantastic, and contrast so dramatically with the rocky ledges and steep walls that rise to the surface. 

The bright sun streaks its rays across the water's swell and creates incredible viewing and photographic opportunities. From the rainbow coloured Parrot Fish, Tile Fish, Angelfish, the health of the coral and the breathtaking clarity of the water, it's a reassuring sight given the damage we hear about to much of the world's aquatic life due to global warming. 

A Tile Fish munching on coral at The Indians

A school of Blue Tang — are they smiling?

The little fish just flow with the current

Thrilled with our first dive, we set sail for Cooper Island and hope to arrive just after lunch, to make sure we get a mooring for the night in Manchioneel Bay and maybe a cocktail at the Cooper Island Beach Club to watch the sunset.