Thursday, May 26, 2011

Anegada Lobster at Neptune's Treasure

Appoaching Anegada by sail on the Alegria Del Mar

Anegada, the smallest and most enchanting of the British Virgin Islands, is surrounded by an immense coral reef, one of the largest in the Caribbean. Once home to pirates who hid their plundered treasure amid the treacherous coral maze of the Horseshoe Reef, Anegada has also laid claim to many ships over its history, making the island a paradise not only for scuba divers, but for people in search of the ultimate island paradise. 

Anegada's pristine beaches 

The entire island is rimmed by white powdery beaches and lush towering palms, and with a population of only 200, the island is almost deserted, with the exception of a handful of loyal residents and it's flock of pink Flamingos, who feeding on microscopic aquatic creatures such as brime shrimp, gives them their distinctive rosy tint!

Two of Anegada's beautiful Pink Flamingos

Once off limits to boat charters, Anegada has better markings now, making access to it's harbour tricky, but manageable. The prize being — a grilled Anegadan Lobster Dinner at Neptune's Treasure! Anegada has some of the finest of both shallow water and deep sea fishing in the world, but the most well known is their Anegada lobster, caught in pots, and famous throughout the British Virgin Islands. 

Neptune's Treasure on beautiful Anegada

The amazing lobster is the reason we've sailed over 5 hours to arrive at our destination by mid afternoon, as it's imperative to radio-in reservations before 4pm to reserve a table and snag one of the limited number of lobsters that have been caught earlier in the day. 

Some freshly caught Anegada lobster — dinner tonight!

Succulent Anegada lobster — it's worth the journey

The Soares family, owners of Neptune's Treasure, have lived on the island for over half a century and are responsible for catching, cooking and serving the seafood and lobster every night, to sailors and guests who stay in one of their beachside villas. As lovely as the hotel is, we're happy to dingy back to the Alegria Del Mar for a night cap before we collapse after all the fresh air and delicious seafood!

And to all, a goodnight...