Monday, December 18, 2017

Selva Grill: Stellar Nuevo Latino Cuisine in Sarasota

Located the heart of downtown Sarasota, Selva’s 'Nuevo Latino' cuisine is a culinary marriage of exotic flavours from Latin America and the United Sates, with special emphasis on Peruvian dishes which recognize the contribution of Asian immigrants to Peru, who have deliciously fused their cuisine and techniques with that of the locals. Killer mojitos, fresh ceviches and a cosmopolitan scene give Selva Grill its distinctive South-Beach-meets-Sarasota vibe. Famous for their ceviches de la casa, each with their own distinct character and flavour profiles, Chef Ysaac Sanchez brilliantly showcases the influence of Japanese culture on Peruvian cuisine with his Tuna Tiradito Nikkei, which is sliced like sushi rather than diced like ceviche, the tiradito looks and tastes like a tiny work of art. Selva's rich selection of appetizer tapas pique the palate, such as the Aji de Gallina Spring Roll, a delicious wrap of creamy spiced pulled chicken and pecans with a decadent avocado aioli for dipping, Chino Beef Ceviche, slices of seared rare sirloin with panca sauce, citrus juice, avocados and red onions, and Wild Corvina Ceviche with fresh lime, onion, cilantro, plump Cusco corn and roasted camotes "that tastes like the first day of summer." 

Entrées range from the finest 'frutas del mar' to such favoritos 'de la tierra' as lamb, pork, beef and veal, prepared with exotic salsas, herbs, fruits and vegetables, each exquisitely presented and expertly prepared including the rich and satisfying Seafood Paella with shrimp, mussels, calamari and a jumbo sea scallop, Arroz con Pato Grilled Duck Breast served over cilantro and green pea beer risotto, with a roasted red pepper salsa, and New York Strip topped with truffle butter and served with truffle parmesan frites, port demi place, garlicky chimichurri and marinated tomato salad. Selva's modern, colourful interior with beautiful mural along one wall and sexy ambiance sets the tone for the restaurants's innovative, intricately prepared dishes, whimsically plated and presented as works of art. Quite possibly the best food in Sarasota, Selva is a culinary destination we look forward to exploring over and over again. 

The Selva Bar - colourful and full of character

Reflection of candle and cocktail shakers on the marble surface of the bar

Pisco Sour - the signature cocktail at Selva

A beautiful mural spans the entire length of Selva and changes colour throughout the evening

The gorgeous interior is punctuated with candlelight 

Warm house baked bread is a delicious beginning to dinner

Our handsome server Alan presents our 2014 Tenimenti Ca' Bianca Gavi

Made in the ancient commune of Gavi in Piedmont in north-west Italy, the area produces fruity and fragrant white wines unlike anywhere else in the world

Pale gold in colour with a fine fragrant bouquet, the Gavi was delicious 
with a dry, clean, elegant flavour

Selva Wild Ceviche of fresh seasonal white Fish with fresh lime, onion, cilantro, Cusco corn and roasted sweet potato garnish

Maya Shrimp Ceviche marinated in orange, lime juice, achiote, tossed with avocado, tomato, red onion and Cusco corn

Selva’s Seafood Paella with Shrimp, Mussels, Calamari, and a Jumbo Sea Scallop served in a saffron risotto with Chorizo and topped with a citrus onion slaw

Jumbo Sea Scallops encrusted with macadamia nut pesto and finished with honey and orange infused sweet potato purée served with Truffle Chive Risotto

Grilled Cuzco Corn served with Selva’s house chimichurri

The open kitchen of Chef Ysaac Sanchez at the back of Selva

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