Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Lila: Celebrating Organic Vegetable-Based Cuisine

Purely inspired cuisine, Lila is a spontaneous, playful, organic, healthy, mostly vegetable-based restaurant from Ryan Boeve and Arthur Lopes who were the chef proprietors behind the delectable Pomona Bistro, and who are now performing their culinary magic once again by offering an innovative and exciting vegetarian adventure on Main Street in the heart of Sarasota. Located in a recently renovated former retail storefront, Lila offers a fresh take on healthy, casually styled dining. An urban chic setting with high, open industrial exposed ceilings, open kitchen and a beautifully restored terrazzo floor, the ambiance is casual and hip, and the menu sensational. Opened just over a year ago in spring 2016, the restaurant concept and its name is based of the Sanskrit word Lila, meaning "creative play." Having owned and operated Pomona Bistro & Wine Bar for five years, the talented chefs decided its time to be creative and start a completely different concept from the traditional and meat-based Pomona. Local farms and business such as Aloe Organics, Geraldson Farms, Grove Ladder and Global Organics will be the driving force in providing Lila with its stock of fresh vegetables and ingredients. Vegetables, pulses and grains are the stars, with two thirds of the menu either vegetarian or vegan layered with rich lush flavours. 

Glass of chilled Tiamo Organic Italian Prosecco from the village of Valdobbiadene

Fresh young budding flowers

Two oversized chalkboards highlight daily special features

Lila's menu celebrates vegetables, pulses and grains, with two thirds of the menu 
either vegetarian or vegan 

Curried Yellow Lentil and Sweet Potato Soup drizzled with yogurt,
was Lila's daily featured soup and absolutely outstanding

Black Bean Burrito with whole wheat wrap, with rice, avocado, pickled onions, tofu sour cream and chipotle purée — vegan, vegetarian and extraordinarily delicious

Tofu and Asian Vegetable Stir-Fry with rice and red curry sauce

Busy in the kitchen, pastry chef extraordinaire Arthur Lopes kindly obliged my impromptu request for a quick chat and photograph

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