Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Deruta: Grandi Maioliche Ficola

Famous for producing pottery and ceramics since the 14th century, the small town of Deruta reached its zenith in the 16th century with much of its pottery drawing inspiration from the Renaissance and from painters such as Raphael, who came from nearby Gubbio. There are more than 300 ceramic firms in Deruta today and it is still possible to visit the artists at work in some of the smaller shops, and also one of the larger businesses such as Grandi Maioliche Ficola, a small family run business designing, fabricating and selling top quality wholesale ceramics, terracotta decorated pots and volcanic stone tables that can be shipped worldwide. All of Grandi Maioliche Ficola’s creations are hand-made, designed and produced in the historic town of Deruta following centuries-old ceramic traditions. Customers can choose from many designs in their catalogue, or can customize the shape, size and designs and therefore getting unique pieces of art. I love Italian ceramics, and have collected pieces from Positano to Orvieto but my favourite place to now shop for Italian ceramics is Ficola. Arriving early to explore Deruta, we made an impromptu detour to the factory and showroom and were overwhelmed by the enormous selection and quality of hand-painted ceramic dinnerware and serving pieces, and thus gave Deruta's other shops a wave goodbye. Greeted by Paul, a charming and interesting Anglo-Italian relatively new to Ficola but with great knowledge of the history, unparalleled quality and workmanship of their products, we realized we had found maioliche heaven.  

One of the ladies at Ficola who hands paints each table, made of volcanic stone, 
which is then fired in kilns at about 1000°C

Named for the Renaissance painter Raphael, Raffaellesco is one of the most popular and enduring Italian ceramic designs with the central motif of a stylized sea dragon

One small part of Grandi Maioliche Ficola expansive showroom in Deruta, a family run business selling top quality wholesale ceramics, terracotta decorated pots and volcanic stone tables

Every piece is hand made and can be customized to whatever the customer wishes

A unique piece weighing tons, this hug bowl is on display outside their showroom

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