Thursday, May 12, 2016

Real Mo-Mos on Colborne: Globally-Inspired Cuisine

New to Colborne Lane this month is Real Mo-Mo's, created by owner Monique Guffens. Originally from Holland, Monique lived in New Zealand and Australia before coming to Toronto. "The menu is inspired by all the places I've lived and visited," she says. "I’ve always wanted my own restaurant. I've worked at many restaurants in different corners of the world - the Netherlands, Tenerife, Australia, New Zealand and of course Toronto. I did this to gain as much experience as I could with the intention of combining the best dishes and flavours of these worlds, eventually serving them in my own place". The menu is an eclectic combination of Dutch, Australian, New Zealand, Spanish and Canadian dishes, from Dutch Bitterballen, crisp meatballs served with Dijon, grainy mustard and creamy mustard aioli, Down Under Sliders with grilled kangaroo, caramelized onions, granny smith apple, creamy brie and homemade beetroot jam on buttery brioche buns, Papas Arrugatas with mojo sauce from the Canary Islands, Canadian In-House Cut Frites and Mo-Mo’s Tibetan Dumplings, which were added to the menu simply because people expected them because of the restaurant's name — also Guffen’s nickname. For those with a sweet tooth, there's Australian Sticky Date Pudding with hot caramel sauce and Pannenkoek Dutch crêpes with strawberry compote topped with whipped cream and hagelslag. "I designed the interior myself to create an atmosphere resembling a living room more than a restaurant, where staff is always there to serve our guests with a real smile. The hospitality at Real Mo-Mo's is focussed on establishing meaningful relationships with our clients. With this, and the additional luxury of delicious brunches, lunches, dinners and High Tea carefully prepared for them, I am certain that my guests will feel right at home at Real Mo-Mo's". Judging by how busy she's been since opening, Monique may have found the recipe for success.

The interior of Mo-Mo's, with exposed brick walls, polished wood flooring and whimsical mix of chandeliers and exposed-filament hanging bulbs, was designed by owner Mo Guffens to create an atmosphere resembling a living room more than a restaurant

A small votive candle cast in a luminous blue glow from Mo-Mos exterior LED lighting

A complimentary amuse-bouche of roasted tomatoes, brie and pesto

Bitterballen, crispy Dutch style meatballs served with Dijon, grainy mustard and creamy mustard aioli   

Mo-Mos Tibetan Vegetable Dumplings with mango chutney

Cast in a blue light from Mo-Mos exterior lighting, owner Mo Guffens presents our Nebbiolo

2103 Ellena Giuseppe Langhe Nebbiolo from the La Morra area of Piedmont

Crispy crusted parmesan green zucchini spears with wasabi aioli

Wine Braised Lamb Shank with a rosemary cabernet jus

Kip Satay & Peanut Sauce - Garlic and ginger marinated grilled chicken skewers with crunchy peanut sauce

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