Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Tharabar Gate Hotel in Bagan, Myanmar

Ideally located in front of the legendary gate in the ancient 10th-century capital of the Burmese Empire of Bagan, The Tharabar Gate Hotel is surrounded by more than 4000 ancient temples and pagodas and within walking distance of the spectacular Ananda Temple, "The jewel of Bagan." Melding with the walls of a time faraway, The Tharabar Gate Hotel is the perfect place to explore the myriad of temples and the town of Old Bagan. An elegant property of villa-style suites stretch through verdant tropical walkways alive with the sound of water and chirping ciccadas. A large swimming pool flanked with elephants and an outstretched tree offer a glorious respite from the heat of the warm afternoons. In the evening, cocktails and dinner are served poolside, with a tikki-style bar flanked by palm trees and lovely teak dining tables arranged in an arc around the cerulean blue illuminated pool, serenaded by a local musician playing the 'patella', a traditional bamboo Burmese xylophone.

The calm serenity of the pool in the evening, surrounded by stone elephants

View of the main open air pavilion with lush tropical greenery

Burmese carving at The Tharabar Gate Hotel

Palm trees and lush foliage embraces the walkways that meander through the grounds on the way to each of the hotel's villas

A welcome drink of sweet coconut milk garnished with melon and an orchid

The Tharabar Gate cocktail menu

Singapore Sling with gin, grenadine, cherry brandy and soda garnished with lime and cherry

A Vodka-tini with Stolichnaya and an olive

A Burmese Mai Tai

A long icy cold Gin Fizz

Burmese peanuts are much smaller than average peanuts with a much fuller flavour

The dinner menu of the Ananda Restaurant at the Tharabar Gate

Tikki torches illuminate the grounds at night

Teak dining tables and chairs are arranged around the illuminated pool for dining 
at the hotels Ananda Restaurant

A family of clay elephants stand guard around the pool

An amuse bouche of tomato and Burmese basil bruschetta

Local Burmese vegetable soup

Fish broth soup with roselle leaves

Prawn Curry

Pork Curry

Sautéed Dragon Leaves

Jasmine rice

Grilled Irrawaddy River King Prawns with spinach and soufflé potatoes

Massaman Beef Curry with Star Anise and chilis

Cappelletti with tomato and caper sauce

A local musician playing the 'patella', a Burmese bamboo xylophone