Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Golden Turtle: Vietnamese Pho on Ossington

The Golden Turtle, or Rua Vang in Vietnamese which means 'luck for the future,' has been the undisputed Queen of Pho on Ossington Avenue for over almost 25 years. Since opening in 1984, the 'Turtle' has been serving a faithful clientele of pho devotées from their humble storefront digs, with an extensive menu of Vietnamese favourites, from their famous beef, chicken and seafood noodle soups garnished with basil, bean sports and lime, to congee, udon and Singapore noodles, to an extensive selection of Chef Huyen Vo signature dishes, traditional Vietnamese appetizers and fresh fruit juices, shakes, imported beers to endless pots of hot green tea. With almost 200 dishes on the menu, it's now wonder this hidden gem continues to be such a 'hot-pot' spot for foodies. For a quick and inexpensive lunch to an affordable dinner on Rua Vang's outdoor patio or inside the recently renovated dining room, this darling of pho-philes will be flourishing for many more years to come.

A battalion of chopsticks, soup spoons and hot sauces stand guard on each table at Rùa Vàng

Endless pots of green tea

Rua Vang menu

Beef Rolls in Lalot leaves

Deep Fried Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Grilled Shrimp, Pork and Spring Roll with Vermicelli

Grilled Shrimp and Spring Roll with Vermicelli

Seafood Pho with rice noodles, squid, shrimp and fish balls

Spicy satay chicken and vegetable rice noodle soup

Grilled Quail with fresh lettuce and daikon

Noodles with Tofu and Vegetables

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