Thursday, May 3, 2018

Patio de los Naranjos in Cordoba: A Terrace Lunch

Set amid the fragrant orange-scented gardens of the beautiful Patio de los Naranjos in Cordoba's gorgeous Hospes Palacio del Baillo, our lovely terrace table offered a tranquil and inviting oasis to enjoy a bottle of wine and local tapas on a sunny afternoon under an arbour of cascading fruit trees. The sweet smell of roses and orange blossoms in the warm sunshine was an intoxicating balm as the rain clouds made a temporary retreat as we sat and relaxed in the beautiful gardens. Ordering a lovely bottle of Albarino and a few tapas, we settled in for a light lesiurely lunch serenaded by the song of small Cordovan birds.

Outdoor Patio de los Naranjos terrace at the Hospes de Baillo in Cordoba

Set in a fragrant garden full of orange and lemon trees

View of the beautiful pool from our terrace table

A bowl of warm freshly made crisps

Service with a big beaming smile

Our delicious bottle of Albarino in a bucket full of ice

A cold glass of Albarino in a beautiful garden on a sunny day in Cordoba — how wonderful

Iberico Jamon and local Cordovan cured meats with grissini

Oxtail Gyoza with strawberry kimchee and pak choy

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