Friday, March 31, 2017

Whitefish Caviar Canapés with Sour Cream & Chives

With its rich, salty taste, and lovely crunchy texture, this naturally golden coloured caviar has very small, pale orange eggs with a mild, non-fishy flavour. Produced from the roe of the popular whitefish, native to the Great Lakes of North America, the pearls of this delicate caviar are great as a garnish, appetizer for late night soirées or intimate gourmet brunches spooned over poached or scrambled eggs. Light and delicious, this effortless and affordable appetizer adds an elegant touch to any cocktail party.

Golden Whitefish Caviar Canapés with Sour Cream & Chives 
Serves 4

4 oz jar Whitefish caviar
8 oz sour cream or crème fraîche
12 Carr's Table Water Biscuits
1 tbsp chopped fresh chives, for garnish

Spoon a dollop of sour cream onto each biscuit and top with a generous teaspoon of caviar. Arrange the canapés on a decorative platter and garnish with chopped chives.

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