Monday, February 23, 2015

John & Sons Oyster House: A Taste of the Sea

The best oysters in Toronto celebrate the freshness of the sea with its multitude of scents and flavours, and although we may not have an ocean coastline of our own in the city, we're fortunate to have a bounty of oyster-obsessed proprietors dedicated to sourcing the sweetest, plumpest and briniest varieties from near and far. The best in my bivalve book is Diana's, but for sheer convenience we sometimes saunter over to John & Son's Oyster House on Temperance Street, who offer a taste of a maritimes in the heart of Old Toronto. Owned and run by John Belknap, who spent a number of years at Rodney’s Oyster Bar on King Street, decided to open his own bivalve venue in 2009, and the oysters are just as fresh and delicious. With a menu that offers a selection of traditional East Coast classics with innovative new dishes such New England Clam Chowder and Beer Battered Nova Scotia Haddock & Frites, to Lobster & Shrimp Dumplings with spicy lobster coconut lime velouté, Tuna Tartare, and Shrimp Tacos with avocado tomatillo crème, and bahanero-poblano slaw on corn tortillas with mango salsa, there's a little something for everyone.

John & Sons Oyster House menu with seafood-themed selection

Chalkboard with selection of oysters available, with $1 Malpeques the evening we went

Oysters on ice and ready to be shucked

Shucking our Malpeques
John & Sons humorous Happy Hour online poster promoting their $1 oysters during the week

Muscadet — the ideal wine with oysters

A dozen Malpeques, although small were cold and delicious

The requisite tray of condiments with mignonette and variety of hot sauces

Fish & Chips with Steam Whistle beer battered Nova Scotia wild caught haddock with frites and coleslaw

Cioppino with yellow perch, pickerel, halibut, little neck clams in a garlic saffron tomato broth with garlic rustic bread