Monday, November 24, 2014

The Rebel House: The Ultimate Grilled Cheese

Nestled along Yonge Street just south of Roxborough, The Rebel House has been a treasured Rosedale institution for over 20 years now, ever since owners Bruce Roberts and Dave Logan opened this popular gastropub in 1994. With a name referring to the 1837 Upper Canada Rebellion, The Rebel House is comfortable and inviting with a dark, wooden, rustic charm and walls lined with quirky Canadiana such as a wooden mountie, deer antlers, a stuffed beaver behind the bar and an antique rifle, purportedly used in the rebellion itself. With a solid menu of comfort food classics and 19 excellent Canadian craft beers on tap, The Rebel House has been attracting a dedicated following ever since it opened. With limited seating upstairs and down, and a lovely outdoor patio in the summer, the restaurant is jam packed almost every day, but especially on weekends, so it's important to arrive early. And many do, lining up to enjoy Chef Karen Vaz's seasonal menu of comforting Canadian classics such as The Rebel House Classic Grilled Cheese made with two aged Cheddars and peameal bacon on French bread grilled to golden brown with shallot butter and served with kettle fries — quite possibly the best grilled cheese sandwich in the city!

The cozy wooden bar on the main floor of The Rebel House

Co-owner Bruce Roberts of The Rebel House

Flying Monkey’s Anti-Gravity Light Ale from Barrie

Guinness Stout

The Rebel Reuben with Montreal smoked meat, homemade sauerkraut, 
melted swiss and mustard dressing on grilled rye bread with kettle fries

Quite possibly the best grilled cheese in Toronto — The Rebel House Classic Grilled Cheese made with two aged Cheddars and grilled peameal bacon on French bread and served with kettle fries

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