Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Yamato: Yorkville's Best Sushi & Sashimi

Tucked away on Bellair in the heart of Yorkville is Yamato, an elegant Japanese restaurant serving an innovative selection of exceptionally fresh sushi, sashimi and sunomono. More well known for their popular teppanyaki room, it's Yamato's superlative sushi and sashimi that keeps me coming back each and every time. The Spicy Hotategai with chopped fresh scallops mixed with tobiko flying fish roe and spicy mayonnaise is the best in the city. Another favourite, Ikura salmon roe, is served perfectly chilled, nestled in crisp blanket of nori and served with tangy white gari pickled ginger. Another favourite is Yamato's Sashimi, which is so fresh, it seems to melt in your mouth, from Botan Ebi, large prawns, Miraugai, giant clams and Toro, marbled tuna, I always end up ordering the Sake Atlantic Salmon and Yellowtail Hamachi. More elaborate dishes such as Sunomono with harusame, wakame seaweed, cucumber and assorted seafood with vinaigrette, is a treat for the taste buds as well the eye. The service is consistently efficient, courteous and always with a smile.

The granite sushi bar is the ideal spot to relax and enjoy a speedy but sensational sashimi lunch in Yorkville

Yamato's endless cups of green tea

Miso Soup: soya bean soup with tofu, seaweed and green onion

Salmon and Maguru Tuna Sashimi garnished with miso leaves

Always service with a smile

Sunomono with harusame, wakame seaweed, cucumber and assorted seafood with vinaigrette

California Roll maki Sushi with avocado, cucumber, fish roe and surimi crab leg

Spicy Hotategai Nigiri Sushi: spicy chopped scallop and fish roe with spicy mayonnaise