Monday, October 31, 2011

Mikado Japanese Cuisine: Edmonton

Alberta's first Japanese restaurant, Mikado has been serving the best sushi in Edmonton since 1972. What separates Mikado from other restaurants, is that all of their fish is flown in fresh weekly from Tsukiji, Japan, home to the world's largest fish market, as well as from California, Nova Scotia, and of course the BC coast. Because of this connection, you'll find sashimi of Japanese octopus, deep-water scallops from the coast of Japan, kanpachi, hamachi, plus a special striped sea bass from California, via Tsukiji. 

Mikado in south Edmonton

A little gem tucked away in downtown Edmonton, Mikado has a sleek and inviting atmosphere, and most importantly, delicious food. They also import genuine Robata grills from Japan, which allows the chefs to cook at very high temperatures while keeping the meats both tender and juicy. A long sushi bar, comfortable booths and private tatami rooms are available to enjoy Mikado's delectable menu of innovative sushi and sashimi by certified Japanese chefs. 

Bento box with vegetable tempura, chicken teriyaki and mixed sashimi

Bento boxes are wildly popular, with neatly compartmentalized portions of beef shogayaki, chicken yakitori, barbecued shrimp, salmon teriyaki, rice and salad. But the menu includes other traditional options as well as more modern inventions. The signature dish, Ocean Wind, is a fabulous combination of squid, tuna and salmon wrapped around fresh veggies, seared and served with Dragon Sauce; the Sushi Pizza with salmon, onion and seaweed on a grilled rice crust is a winning creation with legions of fans.

Spicy Scallop Sushi

Mikado California Roll with wasabi and picked ginger

Mikado Tuna Tartare with marinated red onion and scallions

Ikura salmon roe sushi

Chirashi - bowl of rice with chef's selection of sliced sashimi