Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Annie Mac's Marvelous Margaritas

My friend Ann drives up from Tallahassee each summer and always stops by our place for an al fresco dinner on the terrace before continuing up to her family's cottage in Sturgeon Point. Ann always insists on bringing a pitcher of her signature cocktail — homemade Margaritas — which we always eagerly anticipate and quickly devour. Ann says the key is fresh squeezed lime juice and a shot of Agave nectar. Also called Agave syrup, Agave is a sweetener produced in Mexico, from the Blue Agave plant. 

The Mexican Blue Agave plant

Sweeter than sugar, Agave has a mild neutral flavour and is often substituted for honey or sugar in recipes. I had never used Agave before, until using it in this outstanding recipe for Ann's marvelous Margaritas. Served in either a Martini and Margarita glass, Ann simply runs a fresh cut lime along the rim of the glass and finishes by dipping it in a plate of Maldon salt. Garnished with a wedge of lime, Ann's Margaritas are the perfect balance of sweet and sour — but be sure to serve them over ice unless you want to start seeing double. Salud!

Annie-Macs Marvelous Margaritas
6-8 servings

10 oz. fresh squeezed lime juice
10 oz. water
12 oz. Tequila
8 oz. Triple Sec
1 squeeze of Agave Nectar

Combine all of the above in a pitcher and chill 2-3 hours. Serve in lime-rubbed salt rimmed glasses over ice, and a bowl of homemade Guacamole and corn chips, if you have time.

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