Monday, July 11, 2011

Las Vegas: Le Cirque at Bellagio

A gastronomic landmark, Le Cirque is the acclaimed Michelin-starred French restaurant located inside Las Vegas' renowned Bellagio Hotel. Le Cirque features a superb menu and an elegant, yet whimsical circus theme designed by Adam D. Tihany, who has created the designs for many upscale Las Vegas restaurants. 

Bellagio — home to Le Cirque Las Vegas

The cuisine is described as Classic French with contemporary influences, and Executive Chef Gregory Pugin is an innovator, offering cold and hot appetizers that titillate the taste buds, and delicious amuse-bouche. Our evening started with a wonderful Martini at the Le Cirque back-lit onyx Bar, followed by a glass of Pink Champagne once we were seated a our table. The evening's amuse-bouche arrived — a small plate with a succulent Lobster Cake and Glass of Minted Pea Purée.  

Minted Pea Soup Purée

Lobster Cake Amuse-Bouche

Signature dishes include Le Cirque's Lobster and Avocado Salad with black truffle vinaigrette, which I ordered. It was very delicately flavoured and full of large morsels of lobster. The Tartare du Boeuf was a real winner though Australian Wagyu 'Kobe' Beef Steak Tartare with Heirloom Tomatoes and Lotus Chips. The tartare had been mixed with a spicy dijon mustard that provided a real kick to the robust Kobe beef. Entrées included L'Agneau du Colarado, an espelette crusted Colorado Lamb Chop garnished with taggiasche olive panisse, piquillo purée and farcie of spring vegetables, and Le Canard de Barbarie, a honey glazed Barbary Duck Magret with Szechwan Roasted Mango, Fig and Turnip in a Ruby Port Sauce.

Le Cirque's Lobster and Avocado Salad with black truffle vinaigrette

Australian Wagyu Kobe Beef Tartare with Heirloom Tomatoes and Lotus Chips

L'Agneau du Colorado

We finished with a Citrus Panna Cotta, Mandarine & Champagne Sorbet, Kefir Lime Leaf and a bowl of Le Cirque Coffee Iced Cream. The service and cuisine were impeccable — one of the best meals I've ever enjoyed. My husband had alerted them to the fact that we were in Las Vegas for a special birthday, and as a parting gesture, the Maitre D' presented me with an exquisitely crafted custom red box with 2 hidden drawers concealing Belgian Chocolates. It was a beautiful end to a magical evening — one I'll never forget. Thank you HB xo